Nuno felt, seascape

This website is a window into my creative life :

words, textiles, performances, recipes, workshops and events.

I am drawn to narratives in all manner of forms: creating and extrapolating them, reading threads of story into and out of the natural world, and finding stories through work that people do, or what they make, or say. 

I make poetry, fiction, art, dance-movement, crafted textiles and more.

I have spent my life making food, dyes, wine, teas, medicine and all manner of treasures from fields and hedgerows and other foraging sources. For me, creativity and imagination are part of the natural world to which humans belong.

 I also:

  • facilitate creative events in educational settings
  • teach creative writing, poetry, and play writing
  • coach others to develop their own creative process and practices
  • edit text and other narratives
  • facilitate personal development through expressive arts media
  • write arts informed evaluations
  • turn up at the microphone and speak words
  • make community radio, and support others to do likewise.

I am also a professional holistic and creative coach and mentor.

See my website  www.lucylepchani.life  for details of these as my professional practice.