This website is a window into my creative life.

I am drawn to narratives and to the sensory, sensual natural world: creating and extrapolating stories from places, events, people and objects; locating adventure in the everyday and the ordinary.

As a creative practitioner I work with poets and poetry, fiction, community radio, sensory arts and crafts, movement and theatre, foraging, and textiles. I kindle heritage recipes for dyes, wine, teas, food and simple medicines, and all manner of treasures from fields and hedgerows, woodlands and seashores. I wander and wonder, connect and communicate, study and experiment. 

My studio is my desk, or the kitchen sink or the back yard, or an opportune space in a shared creative hub, or some birdsong festooned nook in the natural world. 

Instagram: @lucylepchani

I work professionally in the arts, Adult Education, and coaching/therapy. 

There is more about my coaching and therapy work, on my professional website www.lucylepchani.life